Ontario Launches Bold Initiative to Slash Red Tape and Propel Home Construction Forward

The Ontario government has introduced a new law called the Cutting Red Tape to Build More Homes Act, 2024. This law aims to make government processes faster and to help build over 1.5 million new homes by 2031.

The main goals are to save time and money for people and businesses, and to make it easier to get permits and licenses. This would reduce unnecessary delays and costs, especially for utility projects.

The law also focuses on making it simpler to build homes quickly by improving how approvals are given. This means homes can be built faster and at a lower cost. For example, homebuilders can decide how many parking spaces to have in new homes near transit areas, and it will be easier to build garden, laneway, and basement homes.

Minister Paul Calandra, is confident this law will help cities and towns build homes by giving them the resources and freedom they need. The law also introduces a new rule that encourages faster building of housing projects and makes it simpler to approve different types of homes, like student housing.

The government is also investing in programs to support more home building and to make it easier for cities to attract new investments.

In 2023, Ontario almost met its goal of building 110,000 new homes. This is part of the government’s ongoing effort since 2018 to make processes simpler and reduce unnecessary rules.

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