Ontario Announces Major Expansion of GO Train Services to Enhance Commuter Experience

The Ontario government has announced a significant expansion of GO train services, adding over 300 new trips each week across several train lines including Milton, Lakeshore West, Lakeshore East, Kitchener, and Stouffville. This increase means there will be 15% more train trips every week, giving people more options to travel quickly and conveniently.

  1. Increased Train Services: Starting April 28, 2024, weekend train services on the Lakeshore West and Lakeshore East lines will become more frequent, changing from every 30 minutes to every 15 minutes during afternoon and evening times. Additionally, new weekday services will be introduced on the Kitchener line, with trains running every 30 minutes during midday and evening.
  2. Evening Services and Rush Hour Trips: The Stouffville line will have new evening services every day. Also, there will be added trips during morning and afternoon rush hours on the Milton line.
  3. Direct Airport Transfers: For those traveling to and from Pearson Airport, there will be a direct train every 30 minutes, which does not stop in between, making it a quicker option for airport travel.
  4. Financial Savings: The introduction of the One Fare system in February allows free transfers between different transit systems in the Greater Toronto Area, saving riders an average of $1,600 each year.
  5. Community Benefits: The increased service will help connect more people to jobs and educational opportunities, and support the local economy by improving access to housing and other essential services.

This expansion is part of the government’s larger goal to enhance public transit across Ontario, making it more reliable and accessible for everyone.

Read more: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1004441/ontario-expanding-go-train-service-across-the-greater-toronto-area